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Clean Power
From Heat

Making Electricity from Fire

USB/12V Charging with Firebee from
the Power Sources You Already Have

Any Fireplace, Campfire, Gas Stove, Barbecue or Chimney is now a USB/12v POWER SOURCE!
10W to 400W Proven Output.


The Firebee Stove by HydroBee makes USB Charging Power While Cooking and Heating.

  • POWER for phones, LED Lights, and Tablet PCs
  • STOVE blower and pot skirt saves fuel and time
  • MOBILE and internet connection
  • EMISSIONS sensor earns carbon credits

Generator Performance

  • 10W rated USB 3.0 5V power output for any USB device
  • Stackable on tall chimneys with strong exhaust
  • Up to 400W output proven
  • Solid-state, low maintenance
  • 10-yr rated life

Stove Performance

  • 40% reduction in stove fuel cost
  • Reduction in time needed to gather fuel
  • 80-90% reduction in indoor air pollution

Developed Markets


40 million homes have fireplaces.

10 million homes have wood stoves.

5 million campers make fires.

Every home needs an easy backup power source


Developing Markets

In Developing Countries

3 billion people use smoky inefficient biomass stoves.

1 billion people have no or very little electricity.

500 million+ homes need clean cooking and clean power.


Reduce Stove Smoke and Fuel Cost

Firebee Generator Powers the Jet-Flame Blower

Affordable for Everyone

  • Generator has mobile and wifi connectivity
  • Customer buys system with monthly payments over mobile network
  • “Pay As You Go” PAYGO financing:  If customer does not make payment,
    generator can be disabled remotely by the vendor
  • Customer’s monthly savings on fuel and phone charging cost is greater than the monthly payment
  • In a year or two customer owns system and payments stop
  • Example: Save $15/month on fuel by paying for $10/month for 18 months = $180 system price

More About HydroBee

Business Model

Partner with stakeholder organizations (agencies, donors, NGOs) for testing and promotion and sell systems to companies that already sell solar homes systems using PAYGO over mobile.


Hydrobee is an established US corporation with founding investors. We seek capital for growth from impact investors who see that self-powered stoves and charging power from fire are inevitable.



Hydrobee SPC: Award-winning early-stage corporation with working prototypes and sales

Partners: Leaders in renewable energy and stove R&D, production and testing


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Thank You To Our Partners

Firebee will revolutionize how people get emergency power.

Alicia Milano, Divi Revolution